Airbnb Secrets: Save up to 25% on Your Airbnb Stays

Airbnb Secrets: Save up to 25% on Your Airbnb Stays

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Course Details – : 

What Will I Learn?
  • Find the best place to stay on Airbnb.
  • Negotiate up to 25% off the listed price.
  • Distinguish good Airbnb hosts from bad ones.
  • Get the most out of your Airbnb stay.
  • Resolve issues with their Airbnb host.
Requirements -:
  • Students need to have an interest in using Airbnb to travel.
  • Students need to sign up for Airbnb.
Description -:

Airbnb Secrets: Improve your Airbnb experiences and save money on your Airbnb stays.

This course teaches you how to find the perfect place on Airbnb and negotiate to get the price down by up to 25%!!!

About this course:

  • Full, free lifetime access.
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free.
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – that’s my personal promise of your success!
  • Includes message templates that you can copy-paste to save time.
  • Get $25 off your first Airbnb stay.
  • Includes negotiating tool that you can use to get the lowest price.
  • Includes real life example of how I save over $100 by negotiating with my Airbnb host.
  • My personal guarantee: if you don’t save more than you paid for this course, I will refund you the difference!
  • Includes my travel ebook “Ten Small Steps, One Giant Leap,” a guide on how to travel the world full-time for a long time.
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This course is for travelers who don’t like the impersonal experience of staying in hotels and want a more authentic, local experience and also travels who want to save money.

You will learn:

  1. How to use the Airbnb search function to find the perfect place to stay.
  2. How to recognize a good host.
  3. How to negotiate to get the price down up to 25%
  4. How to get the most out of your stay.
  5. What to do in case of problems.

And much much more!

So you’ve read this far! Thank you.

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The first four videos of this course are for FREE! Check them out, I’ll show you how you can get $25 off your first Airbnb stay and how you can get travel credit by referring your friends!

Here’s to a better and cheaper travel experience!

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Jasper Ribbers

Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “Get Paid For Your Pad – Maximize Income From Your Airbnb Listing”

Blogger at The Traveling Dutchman

Who is the target audience?
  • People who are new to traveling using Airbnb.
  • People who have traveled with Airbnb but who want to improve their experience using Airbnb.

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