Boudoir at the Farm: Scatto, Luce, Post Production Set II

Boudoir at the Farm: Scatto, Luce, Post Production Set II

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Course Details –:

What Will I Learn?
  • Create a STROBIST set with ONE LIGHT: ONE LIGHT.
  • WORK an advertising shot.
  • LEARN through debriefing after each live video how to get the result.
  • LEARN to post produce using ADOBE LIGHTROOM CC.
Requirements -:
  • Recommended basic knowledge of artificial light and post-production.
Description -:

Do you want to improve the management of the subject ?

Want to create sensual shots with the right light by spending little in equipment?

Do you want to post your shots with Lightroom in order to create high-impact images?

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You’re in the right place!

In this second set at the Fattoria del Pino, where you can learn how I realized for them one of the advertising shots from A to Z. You can understand how to MANAGE a highly sensual set, with a model without a bra but still remaining in the DISCREZIONE of an elegant SENSUALITY .

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Enhance TATOO with POST PRODUCTION in ADOBE Lightroom CC, where my workflow disappeared. I will pass you my WORKFLOW and not only, also the PRESET that I made for you, final, with intermediate steps, that you can install directly on your copy of LR. All explained with extreme simplicity and abundance of details. Suitable for all users, especially those who want to learn how to manage a set in a complete way, from beginning to end, to produce an appropriate and impactful ADVERTISING shot.

Who is the target audience?
  • Advanced amateurs who want to improve LIGHT SHOT AND POST.
  • PROFESSIONALS who want to offer NEWS to their customer park.

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