Career Goals Setting & Soft Skills Training Plan - Summer'18

Career Goals Setting & Soft Skills Training Plan – Summer’18

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Course Details –:

What Will I Learn?
  • Identify how you really want your career to look like;
  • Prepare your mindset for change, rewire your thinking;
  • Adopt change, raise your self esteem and make a self-assessment;
  • Envision your future and set your goals for career development;
  • Set a plan to train your missing skills so you can reach your true potential and fulfill your dreams;
Requirements -:
  • consistency in training everyday.
  • a mindset oriented towards continuous personal development.
Description -:

Soft Skills are important tools to reach success and happiness. By developing the right Soft Skills you can reach your true potential, career development and business advancement.

You will learn how to:

  • Define what success means to you;
  • Eliminate limiting believes, procrastination;
  • Overcome resistance to change by focusing on your end goal;
  • Obliterate self-doubt by looking into your past success and find reasons to believe in your capacity to succeed again;
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses so you can identify what skills you need to train;
  • Use tools and processes to build a Soft Skills Training Plan;
  • Build a strong motivation, find a big enough reason to help you put your plan in action;
  • Start believing in your dream of success and happiness.

This course has 3 parts:

  • The 1st part is about Self-management, preparing your mindset for change: raise your self awareness, eliminate self-doubt, build your self-confidence, define your motivational reasons, discover Kaizen principles and rewire your thinking;
  • The 2nd part is about Self-assessment: identify your past pattern for success, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, envision your future;
  • The 3rd part is the Step-by-Step Process to set and implement your Soft Skills Training Plan;
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This course is for if:

  • you are looking for a way to develop your skills so you can advance in your career, change your career or build a successful business;
  • you are a student looking for a program to help you develop the right set of soft skills that you will need to land your dream job.

This course is not for you if:

  • you are not looking for a change and you are not willing to take action towards that change;
  • you are looking for a magic pill to change the world around you while you stay still.
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Who is the target audience?
  • 9 to 5, people working in an office who want to get promoted or change their career;
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop the right set of soft skills to bring their business to success;
  • Students who want to pack themselves with the right set of soft skills needed for their dream job;

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