Chinese Culture Reading Course - China & Taiwan Fables

Chinese Culture Reading Course – China & Taiwan Fables

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Course Details-:

What Will I Learn?
  • – Know the big picture of Chinese Cultures.
  • – Students can improve their vocabulary as explanations are using our unique “Sentence Builder” and “Vocabulary Builder” approach.
  • Can read Chinese newspapers and magazines.
  • You may study Chinese for around 10 hours.
  • You may study want to learn Chinese Fable and Virtues.
Description -:

Fables is the soul of a nation. Unfortunately, Traditional Chinese culture was destroyed in Chinese Culture revolution. There are few millions Chinese migrated to Taiwan in the past 600 hundred years and 4 millions retreated to Taiwan in 1949 after civil war, my uncle is one of them.  The traditional Chinese culture and value are preserved well in Taiwan. That’s the reason why most of the Fables are from Taiwan.

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Fables reflect traditional culture, virtue and value. I found most of the teaching are the same as my hometown old folks story I heard from grandma and neighbors. This course is good for intermediate level students to explore Chinese culture, enrich your knowledge about China and Chinese, expand your vocabulary through my elaboration using my unique Vocabulary Builder and Sentence Builder.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for students who are going to attend Mandarin Chinese GCSE, IGCSE , IB, AP, SAT, HSK 3, HSK 4 examinations.
  • This can be considered as Culture Courses Chinese GCSE, IGCSE , IB, AP, SAT Students.
  • Designed for foreigner to learn Intermediate level mandarin.

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