How To Create A Title That Sells

How To Create A Title That Sells

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Course Details –

What Will I Learn?
  • Create attention grabbing titles and headlines at will,
  • Learn proven techniques for putting together a title that sells,
  • Discover the “power words” you can use to call a reader/viewer to action immediately,
  • Receive feedback from an instructor who can assist with improving their titles for them.
Requirements -:
  • Time to trawl through Kindle and other media directories,
  • Pen and paper,
  • A switched on brain that will respond to good titles,
  • A sense of creativity.
Description -:

“Titles name a book, and names are important. A good name can make or break you.” – Scott Westerfield.

You’ve finished your course, book or script. Now what? Your title awaits! The big question is: what is the best title for my book? How can I name it to not only best convey the message I want to communicate, but to also grab peoples’ attention?

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Discover The Secrets Of Creating A Killer Title :

  • Build the ultimate title for your book or course, word by word, that maximizes attention,
  • Learn how to combine persuasive elements to make a good title great,
  • Jack up curiosity levels til they’re sky high so that people can’t help but check out your content.

11 Tried-And-True Strategies To Masterfully Title Your Work For Optimum Persuasion.

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I’m an avid follower of the 80/20 Rule. 80/20 dictates that of all the things you can focus on in your work, the title is the most important. A strong title can sell a weak book, but not the other way around.

A book that’s been underperforming on Kindle can suddenly sell like hotcakes, all from changing a couple words. Your titles will have curiosity dripping of them by the time you finish this course!

Content and Overview :

You will discover 11 proven strategies for titling your work in this course. To back up the lectures, I’ve included screenshots from Kindle that show real books using the kinds of titles I say work. Many are best sellers, and for good reason.

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Don’t suffer from Crap Title Syndrome. Pick up this course today and learn how you can optimize your course or book title to perfection. Join a rapidly growing community of students learning and sharing their success.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone writing a book, film or course,
  • Anyone who’s got existing content looking to improve the percentage of people who read, download, respond, etc
  • No matter if you’ve already got a best seller online or are just starting out with creating your first book/course, this course is for you!

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