Illustrator CC 2018: Fundamentals For Beginners + 5 Projects

Illustrator CC 2018: Fundamentals For Beginners + 5 Projects

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Course Details –:

What Will I Learn?
  • Be comfortable using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Creating the Facebook Emoji.
  • Use the various tools of Illustrator.
  • Create The HAHA Facebook Emoji.
  • Create The Sad Facebook Emoji.
  • Create The Angry Facebook Emoji.
  • Create The WOW Facebook Emoji.
  • Create The Heart Facebook Emoji.
  • Apply gradients in Illustrator.
  • Create Swatches in illustrator.
  • Speed up your workflow with shortcuts.
Requirements -:
  • Any version of Adobe Illustrator ( Free Trial is Available )
  • You need a Laptop or Desktop Computer with Internet connection
  • No previous design skills are needed
  • No pre-knowledge is required
Description -:

Adobe Illustrator-the world’s leading vector based software-can be used to create stunning and amazing art. This course teaches you the basics and concepts that can be useful in any kind of project. With Instructor Abdelwahab Achoub you will learn about the necessary tools, pallets and shortcuts, how to deal with swatches and how to use some advanced tools like the arc tool, and the reflection too, and the line segement tool.

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Nothing better to do after learning the concept than applying the knowledge you have gained and creating real world projects.

You will be creating 5 projects called the Facebook reaction emoji:

-The HAHA Facebook Emoji.
-The Sad Facebook Emoji.
-The Angry Facebook Emoji.
-The WOW Facebook Emoji.
-The Heart Facebook Emoji.

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Who is the target audience?
  • Any one who want to know how to use Adobe Illustrator.
  • Any one who is discovering Adobe Products.
  • Any one want to have a career as a graphic designer.
  • Any one who have the passion to learn a new skill.
  • Aimed for beginners who want to learn more adobe illustrator.
  • For beginners or people who don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator.

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