Java A-Z : Become Masterclass for Java Easy Jobs

Java A-Z : Become Masterclass for Java Easy Jobs

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Course Details –:

What Will I Learn?
  • Set a firm base in Java for the rest of your career.
  • How to build creative, fully-functional Java programs with confidence (whilst having fun, too)
  • Advanced java concepts like multi threading,collections and networking.
Requirements -:
  • Nothing Seriously !! Just enroll with positive attitude.
Description -:


This course for anyone  who want to be Java programmer from scratch, We will  start by discus all Java fundamentals that you need to start programming Android, Java web or Java Desktop apps.

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Course Contents:

  • Introduction.
  • Companies you can get hired to.
  • Installing jdk and net bean.
  • Variables.
  • Operations and Numbers.
  • Logic.
  • Looping.
  • Array String.
  • Functions.
  • OOP.
  • File handling.
  • Databases.
  • Multi-Threading.
  • Collections.
  • GUI.
  • Projects.

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We will start first by install the development environment then you will run your first Java app, and understand how program flow works in Java. Then we will talk about variables and Math operation and prioiites. Then we will take about logic and making decision, then we will talk about loops. then we will talk about functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Java, then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process in same time and how to avoid Deadlock,  then we will talk about Databases, then we will talk about collections and which type collection you have to use for better performance  depend on your app. Then we will talk about Java 8 new features, then we will talk about build desktop GUI application with JavaFx.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous coding experience, to intermediates looking to sharpen their skills to the expert level.
  • Those looking to build creative and advanced Java apps for either personal use or for high-paying clients as a self-employed contractor.
  • Java programmers who want to learn about design principles & best practices. Any serious programmer should know this stuff!
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